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Fostering independence since 1990

For over 30 years we have been dedicated to helping individuals overcome obstacles and reach their full potential through personalized care and committed support.
Our Team

At WDB, we treat your family like our own

Actively Engaged
We believe in fostering choice and creating an uplifting environment for our clients. We promote independence and joy by assisting them in accomplishing their daily goals and accessing the community.
Experienced Support
We understand the importance of a knowledgeable and compassionate staff, which is why we invest heavily in their training and development.

Elevated and empowered care

At WDB, we have dedicated years to serving individuals who aspire to live in their own homes and actively participate in their communities, while requiring assistance with daily living skills.

Each individual has a customized program plan that guides our staff in their training efforts on a daily basis, helping them work towards achieving their short-term, long-term, and lifelong goals.

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Our Qualifications

Delivering exceptional care to the individuals we serve.

Licensed Residential Habilitation Provider
IACP member since 2014
One of the Longest-
Standing Community Supports Services in the State of Idaho
Licensed by the Department of Health and Welfare
One of the Longest-
Member of ANCOR
Certified Mandt Instructors since 1995

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