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Bill Benkula


Bill founded WDB, Inc. in 1990, in addition to overseeing the business day to day operations, Bill is involved in various trade associations, legislative committees, and actively advocates for services for people with disabilities. He is also a founding member of a non-profit advocacy organization called the Idaho Disabilities Defense and Education Fund. Bill is proud to be the owner of a locally owned and operated business who not only stays in touch with every person he serves, but also has an open door policy for families to assure they are part of the team that oversees the care and growth of the people we serve.

Dana Benkula


Dana has worked in the field of intellectual disabilities since 1993. She first worked in Salt Lake City, Utah with children ages 3 to 5 diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. She then focused her attention to this diagnosis and continues to explore new advances for the individuals we serve on the Autism Spectrum. She provides program writing, staff training and positive insights to strive for high quality care for the individuals we serve. She also feels that every person has great and unique strengths that can be built upon.

Michelle Wilson

QIDP/Program Coordinator/Trainer

Michelle has worked in the field of intellectual disabilities since 1995. Beginning in direct care services and advancing with WDB, Inc., while attaining her Bachelor of Science in Human Services Management and Master of Science in Psychology. Michelle is also a certified Mandt Trainer, CPR/FA Trainer, and works to provide the training and direction to ensure staff meet WDB requirements and always treat every individual with dignity and respect. Michelle also works to maintain coordination with families, guardians, and other agencies.

Carla Dennis

QIDP/Program Coordinator

Carla has over three years of experience in the field of intellectual disabilities with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Carla began working in education with children with special needs and then worked as a Targeted Service Coordinator, then with WDB clients. After finding that she loved the atmosphere of support and great service that WDB provided to clients, Carla began working as a QIDP for WDB in June of 2013. Carla focuses on program writing and assisting clients with meeting program goals.